Saturday, November 19, 2011

Car Rental - Time & Money Saving Tips

Thought of renting a cat comes to your mind whenever there is a possibility of long drive on your own. Car Rental market is very competitive but rated differences are very small. When you go for best deal with little margin over the other competitive deals at that time you did not even think about drop charges for remote locations, late return fees, fuel rates and other service charges, which would end up spending more than regular deals on car rental. I do not recommend you to pay higher than regular price but you should roam around and check the various rates and deals available because it is not easy to find such deals on Internet and comparison sites. All I want to say that you should consider other factors other than price while comparing and choosing car rental service.

Points to consider while choosing a rental car

Are you ordering car for yourself including family members or for a business trip? How much luggage are you planning to carry with you and trunk space available in car is good enough? If you feel car is too small for everyone to sits comfortably and luggage might require more space then you should opt for big car such minivan or SUV.

Do you need baby seat? Then make sure that you have included in your odder because they charge extra for such service and generally there is shortage of such seats in pick season.

Do you really need car to roam around the city? As Airport charges and city parking charges may cost you big bucks in the metropolitan city.

Do you planning to visit very warm or very cold place? Make sure your car has well working air conditioning and heater system.

It is advisable to check mileage policy of the car rental company because most of the companied offer free miles per day but sometimes they charge you extra money if you drive over the limits specified by them.

Make sure you choose service from well known and popular provider because they have more access points from where you can pick up and drop the car.

Like major hotel chains and airline companies, car rental companies also maintain their customer history and offer favored service to loyal customer. Most of the car rental service also offers frequent rental programs.

Most important factor while renting a car is insurance. You should make sure that car is fully insured, must have third party insurance clause included and if don’t have personal driver insurance then must take from them by paying extra money because which would critical in situation like accident.

Last but not least make sure you have full contact information of car rental service provider and map of their customer outlet and service centre across the country.

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