Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Safety Tips When Traveling With Children

Traveling with kids always been challenging for parents and especially if you are traveling abroad with the kids along with you.  This would be a learning experience for parents so it is always to take safety measures well in advance. Let me discuss some of the safety tips that every parents should follow to make their trip pleasant and hassle free and ensure that everyone including kids have a great time.

Always fill out emergency information on your passport and make sure that each member of the family has their passport with them all the time. To be more cautious make sure kids has extra proof of identity, address of the home, copy of detailed travel schedule, phone number of one adult who is sitting back home.

Never make planning to trip unsafe areas and do follow and understand travel warnings/information issues by authorities before and while traveling.

Carry one photo of each family member with you especially children in case someone gets lost in that situation which would be more than handful in situation like this.

Always leave one copy of your traveling schedule with friends and family members at back home. That schedule should contain name of the hotels, car rentals and phone number details so in emergency situation your family members can contact you.

Always better to understand rules and laws of a place you are going to travel and must instruct your children about the same.

In a situation when you planning to stay in a foreign country for more than 2 weeks of time then it is advisable to contact consulate in that country this would be a key in case of emergency.

In the current time there is always threat of terrorist attack so on airports, train stations and bus stations never keep your luggage unattended. Give proper instruction to your children that don’t touch any unknown stuff here and there and don’t take anything from unknown people.

Make sure you keep only required money with you and if possible carry plastic currency and traveler’s check with you. Try to exchange your money at well known and authorized place.

Avoid wearing expensive clothes, jewelry and stuff which may puts you in trouble and make sure keep your personal belongings with you.

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