Saturday, September 24, 2011

3 Star Hotel Accommodation

To Find a hotel that suits your budget comes easily when you take into account the activities you'll be busy with, or whatever you want to accomplish during your stay. If being extremely pampered and totally worry free comes last on your list, you are welcome to try a 2 star or 3 star hotel. This is not to say that the 2 star and 3 star hotels do not offer a great degree of comfort or luxury, it just seems impossible to pay for lavish facilities where you will not be able to take advantage of them. Business traveler, who will be engaged primarily in the business most of the time and hardly find time for fun, relaxation and enjoyment then 2 star or 3 star hotel with the rules and structures that are useful for conferences and business correspondence would be a first recommendation. 

On the other side of the spectrum of tourism, weekend travelers who have a planned route to find a good values in a 2 star or 3 star hotel is just minutes from a popular tourist destination. It is never recommended to spend much on accommodation just because you are visiting place which is tourist attractions. Never rate hotel just by star rating because even 2 star or 3 star hotel will offers services such as established business center, room service and a fitness center, with prices that are at least fifty percent less than the best hotels located in the heart of the city.

Although 3-star hotels can be expected to provide more bottom of the box, you may wish to evaluate and make a decision on the basis of your expectations and needs. For example, you might consider access to a fitness center more important than room service, or if you want Internet access and a business center on the availability of a pool. Whatever you choose, be sure that you can consult an online resource or website and make sure you ask the right questions that will ultimately lead to an enjoyable and memorable stay in the hotel.

Hotel rates also differ according to the hotels’ respective distances from the center of the city or place which is popular tourist destination. Rates reduce as the destination moves farther from the centre of the city. It is recommended not to spend too much on accommodation and utilize the money for food, transportation and other luxury activities while you are exploring your favorite tourist destination.

Another important thing to consider is a season for a trip because in off season you will get much better rate for 3 star accommodation and even get upgraded services on top that with no extra charges. You also need to consider time for visit because if place is hub for cultural, sporting and commercial events then it is really hard to get better rates and bit tough to find deals on accommodation.

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