Friday, September 23, 2011

Tirupati Devasthanam - Lord Balaji Temple

Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Devasthanam is the world's most popular and an important pilgrimage center of India and also the most visited place of worship around the world. The temple itself is as much a miracle, is a magnificent embodiment of God's creation. Crores of people visit this paradise on earth. Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is a famous Hindu temple of Lord Balaji is situated on seven hills of Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is really hard to predict the exact age of the Tirupati temple. There are many versions of document, which are talks about its origin. One thing you can say with certainty that it was built before 500 AD, because there are indications in the literature can be found in the temple as old as 500 AD until the 12 century, the deity of the temple of Lord Vishnu has been identified by the great scholar Ramanujam. All leaders who dominate the state of Andhra Pradesh, has donated a large quantity of gold in the temple to help it become as rich as they are today.

There are several small shrines inside the main sites as a sanctum sanctorum. The entire temple is built in Dravidian style. There are three enclosures which are called Prakarams and a dome on the main shrine called as Vimana. It is estimated that every day around 60000 pilgrims visit the temple and on any special day, the number easily touches 200000 mark. People have to wait in long lines to get a complete picture of the Lord Tirupati.The devotees have to take a bath in the Pushkarini tank before entering the temple, whose waters are considered sacred and highly praised in the Puranas.

The main reason, why people like to visit Tirupati because of an interesting story associated with temple. The story stats that Venkateshwara took a loan of a crore and 14 lakhs of gold coins to Kubera (God of wealth) and was planning wedding with Viswakarma and he has agreed to pay interest on the collections. We do not know the real story but people have a lot of faith in the Lord Balaji. It is considered a turning point in the lives of suffering human beings, if you visit the temple once. Many people visit the temple before doing something new.

Sarvadarsanam means darshan for all. The timings for Sarvadarsanam are different on different days of the week. Please refer their official website for latest timings.Seeghra Darshan means special darshan facility started on 21-09-09 to provide fast access to Darshan for the Pilgrims though it would cost you around INR 300.

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