Friday, September 16, 2011

Periyar National Park - Natural Wildlife In Kerala

The Periyar National Park is located in the Idukki district of Kerala near Thekkady. It is on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is at a distance of 195 km from Cochin. This sanctuary is open from 06:00 to 18:00 in the evening. Out for a total of 777 Land 360 is thick evergreen forest. Periyar National Park declared as Tiger Reserve Wildlife Sanctuary in 1978 by Governement of India. Entry fee to Sanctuary is Rs 15 for indian tourist and Rs 10 of eco development surcharge and Rs 300 for foreign tourist.
Attraction of Periyar National Park
Periyar Lake : Periyar Lake attracts herons, ibis, the great hornbill and Malabar Hornbills gray. Other birds, including kingfishers, ospreys and kites as well as orioles, hill mynah, drongos tail racket, parakeets, including the unusual winged parakeet blue flycatcher.

Boat Ride : The best way to explore the nooks and crannies of the Periyar National Park through the two-hour boat cruise in the morning or early evening. Periyar Lake provides excellent boating spot for tourists, where you can see herds of elephants, animals and even herds of deer.

Cardamom Hills: beautiful scenic Kerala and cardomom hills are easily accessible from Periyar and Kumily. A guide will accompany you in the jeep or taxi develops and directs you in the right position to have a panoramic view of the hills.

Spice Town Kumily: You can go for a short trip to Kumily, just 4 km from Periyar. The former Spice Trade Center, the city continues to grow in most spices. There are many options of accommodation in Hotel and Resort.

In addition, Elephant Safari Park and lake cruises, you can also go hiking ruined Mangala Devi temple, beautiful old stone ancient temple in the middle of the forest in Thekkady. Jeep and elephant safaris can also take the songs through an eccentric. You can also rent a bicycle to the park entrance. In the morning, "Trek" can be just as rewarding to watch the game. You can explore the nature and the pug marks, while the tour in the jungle.

The best time to visit Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to June Tourists flock to the place especially in December and January. During the summer, it is easy enough to see elephants, chital (spotted deer) who gather near the lake. Avoid weekend visit to Periyar that the place is crowded all day.

You can reach Periyar National Park by railway (kottayam is nearest station lies at a distance of 115 kms), by road (buses are available from Kumily, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Munnar and Kovalam) and by air (2 nearest airport are cochin - 200 kms and Madurai - 140 kms).


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