Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Be Cautious About Travel Scams

Most of the travel services or products basically require pre payment before it transported. This is known as loop hole in the travel deal market as it created prospects for scandalous companies and individuals. There are some travel deals turns out to be dissimilar from what exists or the end user expected. If someone receives a deal for popular tourist attraction by email or phone for very low price compared to the deals currently available in the market then you need be very careful while preferring such a package. You need to consider some facts while accessing such low priced vacation trip to a popular domestic or international destination.

Point 1:  Does the price offered to you by service provider appear to low? Possibly it may be.

Point 2: Have been asked to provide credit card/debit card information over the phone?

Point 3: Is the service provider putting pressure on you to make a quick decision?

Point 4: Is the airline offered to you is well known or service provider offering you combination of airline package without specification that on which airline you are going to fly?

Point 5: Is customer care executive unable to provide enough information about office address and other contact detail?

If you came across any of the warning sign discussed in the above points then be alert and don’t share any critical information to the customer care executive. Always ask for information in written format or brochure of deal and also ask for some time to think about. If executive is not ready to provide any information in paper format then this trip is not right for you as there is smell of scandal coming out of this which you need to notice before you get into big trouble.

There are some other symptoms which you should consider before making a final decision about such low priced vacation deal. Let me discuss some of these symptoms which may cause financial damage to you. 

If executive told you that you won free trip to a popular destination but to get that for free you need to buy some other deals such as expensive hotel accommodation or expensive flight ticket which is quite expensive compared to similar deals available in the market.

If the deal that you considered is priced way above other deals available in the market even if offered deal includes freebie like free return airfare. Even if return air ticket is free in the offered trip, it is quite costlier than regular package deal.

Always get a confirmed flight tickets and must confirm departure date before pay anything to the service provider. If they offer waitlist travel or later reservation then make sure you get your money back (refund) in time if tickets not get confirmed.

If you dream destination is beach resort then must ask distance of that place from beach because sometimes they make fool and gives you a accommodation which is far from beach or tourist destination which makes your trip stressful.

You must check complete cost including every type of taxes and service fees. You also need to make sure that legal right allow getting your money refunded if offered services are not delivered the way it explained to you prior to trip.

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