Monday, October 17, 2011

Nainital - Hill Station Town in North India

Nainital is hill station town situated in the Uttarakhand state of India and it is a headquarters of Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas. Nainital is a famous tourist destination attracts large number of tourist from India and outside of India as well. It stands out like gemstone in the mountain of Himalayas and it is surrounded by number of lakes and nature’s reward. Nainital is loaded with many wonderful places which require 2 to 3 days to explore lakes, peaks, waterfalls, etc. Horses can be hired to visit these places at Bara-Patthar which makes your trip exciting and more enjoyable. Nainital enjoys very pleasant climate as temperature reach maximum of 27 degree centigrade and minimum of 10 degree centigrade. Let me introduce with some of the major attractions of Nainital.

Naini Lake: This Lake is natural make of the mother earth and surrounded by seven mountains. Most of the tourist takes boat ride to enhance the beauty of the lake and some of them also prefer to see sunshine and sunrise from bank of the lake as the view of the sunrise up to the sunset that reflects with vibrant colors on the lake.

Mall Road: This road is union point between Tallital and Mallital which make it busiest place of the Nainital. It is filled with tourist, shops and eating joints during the peak season. Now government has renamed road as Govind-Ballah marg and vehicles are prohibited in this area and only rickshaws are allowed to carry passengers from one end to another.

Naina Devi Temple: This temple was built in 15th century by kusham reign and must visited place if you want to offer your prayers to Devi. Local devotees visit this temple during the festival season and on religious occasions.

Ropeway: It is one of the most visited attractions by a tourist and it is runs from Mallital to snow point from where tourist can enjoy the view of Himalaya Mountain. Snow point is 2270 meters above the sea level and you can enjoy spectacular view of the entire town with green surrounding and jewel of the town Naini Lake in the middle.

Nainital Zoo: This zoo is really famous for rare variety of snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Siberian and Royal Bengal tiger, steppe eagle and variety of birds.

Governor’s House: It is one of the few government building open for public viewing and it is now converted to official guest house of the Governor of Uttarakhand.

Nainital is also famous for numerous of schools and research facilities and one of latest attraction of Nainital is Eco Cave Garden where children can learn about ecosphere.

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