Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tips To Make Flight Travel Stress Free

Travel can be a stressful event and air travel is leading the list of stressors that we live on what is supposed to be an exciting and fun event. Pre consideration of some steps can abolish most of the stress associated with air travel.

Points to consider before traveling

You should organize all travel related papers including maps, tickets, passport, trip schedule, etc.

You should pack your bags one day prior to the travelling and must keep in a central location from where you can easily access and load into your car or taxi.

You must make checklist of all stuff that you want to carry or required to be with you when you are on trip. You must check list of all items at least twice before travel day and one hour before you leave your house. 

If you own any pets then must consider and finalize service provider who can take care your pets while you are not present and prefer location near to your house.

You must check with airline customer care and airport authority at least day before your travel date to make trip smother and stress less. Generally you need to arrive 3 hours prior to your flight schedule because it requires this time for boarding and other formalities. You must make inquiry about parking facility and restriction.

You should consider prior printout of boarding pass on internet 24 hours before your flight if you plan to carry only carry on luggage with you. As you do not have any other luggage for check in so you do not need to stand in a long queue for check in and you can directly proceed to boarding area.

Points to consider on travel day

You should leave your house at least half hour early than it takes to reach airport because it helps you to tackle situation such traffic jam or accident.

If you are having lots of luggage that needs to be checked in then must prepare to stand in a queue because this time may vary depends on time of the day you travel and airlines that you choose for your trip. It is always recommended to reach early and keep patient and relax while check in your luggage.

You must make sure size allowed for carry on luggage because if it exceeds than allowed size by airline then your stuff will be taken away and you need to put this luggage with all other check in luggage.

You should find your seat quickly and put your carry on luggage into cabin yourself or with the help crew staff members. You should not stand in middle as there are passengers also want to do the same stuff and you have lots of time after airplane will take off to do other activity.

If you have to change flights through your route to final destination then you should know the airport very well as you may need to require going one gate to another to catch your next flight. Thing even gets worse if you need to move from one terminal to other terminal and no advanced transport facility is available.

While plan lands you should wait and keep patience while getting off the plane and pick a better spot around the conveyor belt from where you can collect your luggage easily.
Hope this tips helps you to make it joyful and stress free. In conclusion advance planning helps you to make your trip amazing and improves the quality of air travel.

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